projects (audio):

Guitar/bass/etc effects that I have designed, built, etc.
Most links will contain schematics, layouts (usually vero or perf) and maybe the odd photo.
Note: Images are quite high resolution. ‘view’ for larger versions.

‘A (somewhat) Stereo’ reverb
A stereo reverb based around the Belton/Accutronics BTD

Bias Tremolo
A tremolo based around the DiSCO circuit, which wiggles the forward bias voltage of a pair of clipping diodes

DiSCO – Dirty compressor and overdrive
A light overdrive with envelope-controlled clipping or a compressor with character

Discrete (Ge) op-amp
An op-amp built from discrete germanium transistors?R-3

‘Light Speed’ compressor
An optical audio compressor for guitar and bass.